Relationship Between Rewards and Employee Motivation

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The study examined the influence of rewards (payment, promotion, recognition and benefits) on employee work motivation. Subjects for the study consisted of one hundred and sixty seven employees of commercial banks of Kohat, Pakistan. Data for the study were gathered through the administration of questionnaire. The data collected was subjected to appropriate statistical analysis using “Pearson Product Moment Correlation Coefficient and Analysis of Variance,” all the findings were tested at 0.01 and 0.05 level of significance. The results obtained from the analysis showed that there existed strong relationship between rewards and employee motivation in commercial banks of Pakistan . The
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Literature Review

Carnige (1985) focused the human aspect of management as the author believes that it is the people who make organization succeed or failure so it should be the main responsibility of organization’s chief executive to motivate their company employees so that they feel satisfaction and assure organizational success. The main theme of the author is that human capital play very important role in an organizational effectiveness as compared to financial capital. People are now seen as the Primary source of a company’s competitive advantage. As Lawler (2003) also reported that the treatment with employees basically determines that whether organization Will prosper or not. Organizations are under constant pressure to enhance and improve their performance and are realizing that relationship exists between organizational Performance and employee performance (Roberts, 2005).
Rutherford (1990) reported that motivation makes an organization more effective because motivated employees are always looking for better ways to do a job, so it is important for management to understand how organizations influence the motivation of their individual employees.

Total Rewards Management

Robert, (2005) defined Reward management as: “the process of developing and implementing strategies, policies and systems which help the organization to achieve its objectives by obtaining and keeping the people it needs, and by increasing their motivation and commitment.”
Syedain, (1995)
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