Relationship Between Risk Management And Project Management

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Before searching the literature articles, the searching terms should be set comply with the requirement of the dissertation topic. When identifying the search terms, the most useful method is using the key words and some similar words of the topic. Due to the topic which is ‘the relationship between risk management and project management – can it be treated as an element of PM or is it an integral part of the whole process?’ it focus on the relationship between risk management and project management. This includes the definition of project management, risk management and relationship between project management and risk management. Because of this, the key words of the topic of the dissertation would be ‘Project Management’, ‘risk management’, ‘project risk’ and ‘risk management techniques’. Searching these four words for journal papers in ‘Google Scholar’ and library research engine of UOM. After searching in those two engines, skim reading some of the results, looking for the alternative words and phrases. Choose some papers with relevant titles as the alternative papers and narrow the range of the results with some relevant phases. Skim reading of some articles such as reading the introduction and conclusion to decide which articles would be used as the core papers.
According to the requirements of the topic, the papers should include the definitions of risk management and project management. The most significant emphasis is the relationship between risk management and…
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