Relationship Between Robots And Robots

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Although there is not a vast amount of knowledge on the topics of robots, here is what we do know. The word, ‘robot’ is a generalized term that includes machines such as the following: cyborgs, artificial intelligence (A.I.), and androids. These robots are essentially mechanical objects or beings that are built and programmed by humans for humans. Therefore, they are ideally limited to the capabilities programmed into them. Robots are created with the intention of being useful companions to society, but they may also become destructive. Overall, as knowledge grows in this area of expertise, robots will simultaneously advance. Rossum’s Universal Robots (R.U.R), a 1920s play, and Interstellar, directed by Christopher Nolan, are two great works that use the concept of robots. In both storylines, a relationship is depicted between the technology of robots and the culture of humans. I argue that in both texts there is a significant relationship between robots and humans and the slightly contrasting roles they play in (R.U.R) and Interstellar. This relationship is predicated on three factors. The first factor is that the robots are built based upon the ideals and knowledge base of humans. The second factor is the idea of human inferiority vs. robot superiority that is a question of why this belief exists and if the superior party recognizes it. The third factor is whether these robots want to become human and the role they play in the advancement or downfall of society. In
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