Relationship Between Romantic Couples And The Middle East

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There are lots of complicated relationships in the world and some are too complex for saying if they are “good” or “bad.” America’s relationships with some foreign countries, like China or the countries of the Middle East, are examples of these complex relationships. There are individuals that also have complex relationships with other individuals and there are extremely simple relationships. No matter how complex or basic the relationship, all successful relationships have one thing in common: good communication. Lack of communication creates turmoil in all kinds of relationships and will end them if it is not remedied. When communication is not prevalent in a relationship between romantic couples, it can cause the relationship to end. Obviously, if a couple does not communicate when or where they are going to go on a date, there is a miniscule chance that they will both pick the right place and time. Consequently, they will be angry at the other one for not telling them where they were going to be. This concept is simple and somewhat ridiculous but it applies in other situations. When one half of a couple does not address problems they are having with the relationship, the other person has no idea that there are problems and will continue life as usual. If this continues and the problems are never addressed, it will make the relationship seem worse than it really is and the couple will break up when they think the problems are too much to deal with instead of working out
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