Relationship Between Russia And China

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Russo-Chinese Relations There are few relationships that are as complex and interesting as the past and present one between Russia and China. From their first border clashes in the middle of the millennia to its current state of “frenemies”, the connection between the two States is one that is fluid and dynamic. In order to understand the current state of affairs between the two, one must first observe their long history together. Without this understanding, it would be impossible to interpret and recognize the reasons for why decisions and actions are taken by the respective States. While the majority of their relations have been generally friendly and peaceful, there have been small but short-lived bouts of hostility at the borders. Yet, their economic, military and political goals have aligned quite well in the past decades.
Due to a long history of mutual mistrust and hostility between the two States, much of the Western rhetoric for the Russia-China agreement has been filled with doubt. In order to either prove or disprove this skepticism, one must delve into the history or relations in order to arrive at their current state of relations. Officially, delegations between the two countries began in the 1680s during border clashes which were settled by the Treaty of Nerchinsk in 1689 This treaty delineated, what was at the time, the common border. During this period of time, the Chinese State had virtually no contact with European powers, save for the Vatican…
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