Relationship Between Science And Beauty

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CHAN Pik Yu (1155110194)
Dr. WU Jun, Vivian
UGFN1000 In Dialogue with Nature
07 Dec 2017
Science and Beauty
1. Introduction
Poincaré once stated that “the scientist does not study nature because it is useful to do so. He studied it because he takes pleasure in it, and he takes pleasure in it because it is beautiful” (Poincaré 163). Then, what is beauty? Beauty varies with time and places that everyone has their own definition of it. Infinite descriptions and positive adjectives are used to outline the nature of beauty. Beauty often comes from our subjective feelings. Yet, science is quite the opposite. Science is an organised system that combines knowledge in different aspects of the world and establishes general laws and principles behind (Wilson 49). Science impresses us with its objectivity but it does not mean that it is irrelevant to beauty. Indeed, it shows the nature of intellectual beauty and it is more beautiful than other sensible beauty because it gives strength and validity to the intelligence (Poincaré 165). So is science beautiful? I believe the answer is yes.
2. The common features of science and beauty
Although beauty is a sense of appreciation, people have their own rules to define it. Most of these basic standards are adopted by every individual, such as physical attractiveness, good personalities that makes a human perfect . Beauty is like science …show more content…

To sum up, science is the work of art and art is always related to beauty. Therefore, science is beautiful but not for physical reasons. Instead, science shows intellectual beauty that reflects our mind and who we are. Science is the study of facts and facts are absolutely changeless. By appreciating the intellectual beauty of science, it can help us to escape from the boundary of emotion and gain access to true knowledge. Hopefully, the passion to pursuit science can collaborate with the beauty of science and established more and more milestone for science in the future.

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