Relationship Between Science And Religion

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Relationships between Science and Religion The first relationship between science and religion in conflict. Science believes in the constant growth of knowledge whereas religion holds on to ancient knowledge. New knowledge gained through experiments and innovations is what enables science to continue building on its existent knowledge. This brings about a situation whereby science can question common assumptions, even within the religion. This case was witnessed in the 17th century when Galileo came up with new inventions which almost got him in trouble with the church. What Galileo was trying to prove was not accepted by the Christian religion which was dominant in Italy. The fact that science allows for innovation and constant quest to challenge existent knowledge is not a thing that is taken easily in religion, this has brought some scholars to believe that science and religion have been in a constant methodological, factual and philosophical conflict. Thus, Galileo was a symbol of conflict between catholic church and modern science. Another evidence of conflicting relationship between the two in 19th century by Charles Darwin (Theory of evolution of species). He says the lively things on earth got here over a period of years (natural selection). From beginning Christians weren’t troubled by Darwin, say God created all sciences. There were also biblically literalistic Christians who says Darwin is wrong, they say God created everything that exists. In 20th
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