Relationship Between Science And Religion

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Within philosophy, there has long been a question about the relationship between science and religion. These two systems of human experience have undoubtedly had a lot of influence in the course of mankind’s development. The philosopher Ian Barbour created a taxonomy regarding science and religion that has become widely influential. His taxonomy postulates that there are four ways in which science and religion are thought to interact. The four categories are: conflict, independence, dialogue, and integration. By using articles from a select few philosophers, theologians, and scientists, it is clear to see the ways in which these two systems of human experience are categorized in the four categories presented by Ian barbour. However, it will be apparent that the category of conflict may be seen as the most dominant in regard to the interaction between science and religion.
The first category that will be explained is conflict. This is optimally categorized with the statement that, “Science and religion investigate common questions, but their theories contradict one another and so compete with one another for our acceptance.” (Pojman 562). With the view of conflict, it is believed that science and religion overlap in regard to the quest for truth, but their methods and findings are contradictory. This theory is most commonly held by religious fundamentalists, those that believe in strictly literal translation of scripture; and the more recent movement of new atheism that is
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