Relationship Between Seizure And Cognitive Function

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The scientific questions under investigation are the problems occur in the over stimulated and temporal cortices of an epileptic individual and whether seizures that affect the temporal cortex can create an onset of religious experiences in individuals after occurring. Adding to the fact that if proven, wherein the temporal cortex does this anomaly reside. Another question is if individuals with understimulated temporal cortices, which cause Capgras delusion, have any reversibility for its symptoms and if so, how does it occur? In addition, these all relate to what we learned in class on the subject of seizures and how they affect individual’s motor and cognitive functions. Moreover, individuals may act differently after experiencing a seizure; however, the outcome of the affected depends on where in their brain does this stimulation occur or more specifically what caused their seizure in the first place (Epilepsy, Neurotoxins, genetics etc.)…show more content…
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However, in David Silvera’s brain, a severing between the fibers connecting the cortex and amygdala has occurred because of his accident. This also means that the impulse does not cross to the limbic system from the amygdala making David unable to generate an appropriate emotional response to what he observes. However, his connection to the limbic system is not fully impaired. David still has a connection to his limbic system through his auditory pathway, meaning that he has the ability to generate an appropriate emotional response to the voices of individuals he
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