Relationship Between Self Efficacy And Training Transfer Essay

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Introduction This is a critical review of Melody Ling-Yu Wen and Danny Yung-Chuan Lin’s article entitled “Trainees’ Characteristics in Training Transfer: The relationship among self-efficacy, motivation to learn, motivation to transfer and training transfer” published in Changhua, Taiwan on 2014 for Macrothink Institute - International Journal of Learning and Development. The main objective of the study was to identify the affiliations encompassed by the diverse trainee attributes and its effectivity with regard to the pathway between self-efficacy and motivation towards training transfer. They wanted to prove that both self-efficacy and training motivation would surmise training transfer; as well as motivation to transfer would be the mediator between self-efficacy and motivation to learn, towards training transfer. Likewise, they also wanted to identify the pathway among self-efficacy, training motivation and training transfer in the trainee characteristics’ conditions. The authors used a quantitative method of research thru a survey wherein they sent out 500 questionnaires to full-time employees; mostly from graduate/college levels; coming from front-line workers, supervisors, managers and top executives; in various broad industries in Taiwan to support their study’s objectives. They established six hypotheses and each of these points will be thoroughly examined using the SEM (Kline 2011). According to the hypotheses, which are to be examined, self-efficacy, motivation
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