Relationship Between Sex And Gender Essay

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The distinction of gender from came from the move away from biological determinism and conservative antifeminist politics. The meaning of gender will continue to develop and will continue becoming more fluid with time. Introduction The sex and gender distinction is an idea that has been rethought as recently as the 1970’s, with input from academics such as Ann Oakley and John Money. In this essay I will be discussing how biological determinism assisted in the development of the term gender, and the distinction there is between sex and gender. I will highlight the new definitions of sex and gender, while drawing upon works from sociologists and academics including Judith Butler, Simone de Beauvoir and Erving Goffman. I will be discussing the transition the sex/gender distinction has gone through, what this means for gender continuing to develop and how this will affect the social world we live in today. Defining Sex and Gender Sex and gender have not always had a distinction between the two definitions, both typically have meant in the past your sex and that was always believed to determine your gender and there was nothing really outside that binary. This is because of biological determinism, which will be covered latter in the essay. But in more recent times, there has been a more significant distinction placed between the two words sex and gender and their meanings. When defining sex it is typically defined as the biological state of ones body including genitalia,
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