Relationship Between Sexual And Sexual Abuse Essay

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Unfortunately some relationships result in a partner engaging in violence against another partner, and while not strictly male against female violence, the victim is often the female. The purpose of this study is to explore why, in the context of intimate partner violence, women remain in an abusive relationship in an attempt to fill the theoretical and practical gaps in successful prevention and treatment of those who are participants in an abusive relationship. Currently there is only a single two-pronged approach, group therapy and residing in a women’s shelter, which has not reduced the amount of domestic violence in the last four decades of this practice being the best practice for such incidents. This study aims to understand the motivations for remaining in the abusive relationship to better design treatment and prevention protocols.

Key terms: domestic violence; intimate partner violence; physical abuse; mental abuse; sexual abuse; relationship violence

Introduction Relationships are an integral part of the human experience, and regardless of gender, relationships are the foundation of much of society. Heterosexual and homosexual intimate relationships are the building blocks of a familial relationship, and while most such relationships are positive and result in a happy, long-term existence the sad reality is that not all relationships are safe and happy. There are three types of abuse that can be found in a relationship; emotional, physical,
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