Relationship Between Sexual And Sexual Satisfaction

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The Issue: Romantic relationships are a prominent feature in many people’s lives. Some romantic relationships are healthy and others are not. Using the attachment perspective to predict relationship and sexual satisfaction, is an ongoing theme in psychology. The attachment perspective can provide knowledge and research opportunities to better understand the effects of attachment types on romantic relationships. This report specifically focuses on the effects of avoidant attachment individuals. Individuals labeled as avoidant tend to feel uncomfortable with closeness and emotional intimacy (Butzer & Campbell, 2008) and are found to be less invested in their relationships and strive to remain independent (Hazan & Shaver, 1994). By understanding the negative effects of avoidant attachment in relationships, therapists can help guide couples to a more satisfying relationship. Definitions: Attachment perspective – The quality of infant-parent attachment/quality of caregiving affects a child’s later relationships and emotional state. Three major types – secure, anxious, and avoidant. Avoidant attachment – Caregivers show more rejecting behaviors, display self-comforting strategies in turn the child tends to be independent and less support seeking. What Science Tells Us: Attachment history Attachment, originally proposed by Bowlby, refers to the sensitivity of caregiving. For example, if a mother is consistent and appropriately available for her child, the child forms a
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