Relationship Between Sexuality And Identity

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Discuss the relationship between sexuality and identity in Fun home.
This essay will be examining the relationship between sexuality and identity in the book, Fun Home (2006) by Alison Bechdel. Bechdel’s memoir Fun Home explores the way gender and sexual identity play important roles in the world. It frames the discovery that Bechdel when she was a young girl realised she was a lesbian, whilst at the same time finding out that her father is also homosexual and had been sexually active with males throughout his marriage to her mother, destroying their relationship. Through the use of visual comic pictures and writing, the books central themes challenge cultural norms of sexual and gender identity. It questions how associated a daughters open lesbian identity is with her fathers closeted gay one. Bechdel 's sexual discovery throughout the book, is always linked to her father Bruces sexual identity and it is possible to say that it had an effect on her own sexuality. She provides the reader with a sample of the identity struggle both her and her father suffered with to illustrate the experience they both had. The images within the text give only a small amount of information, where as the text is the most important element. This essay will explore whether sexuality and identity can be seperated, or whether your sexuality frames who you are with reference to Watson (2008), Freud (1920) and Fantasia (2011), whilst giving an analytical view at the text Fun home.

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