Relationship Between Stress, Anxiety and Phobias

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Discuss the relationship between stress, anxiety, habits and phobias and describe how you would treat these issues with hypnotherapy

In order to understand the relationship between stress, anxiety, habits and phobias, it is necessary to first define what each one is and how it might affect individuals. Stress could be defined as a normal physiological response by the body to situations or stimuli which the brain perceives as dangerous or threatening to the body. The body is a complex system and over time developed a way of responding that was designed to keep us safe. Our subconscious mind is alert for anything that might threaten our well being and when the brain perceives a threat a physiological response occurs that prepares us
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Anxiety is therefore closely tied in with stress as a response to a perceived threat. Anxiety is something everyone experiences from time to time; perhaps before a job interview, hospital operation or whilst waiting for very important news. Anxiety is related to the stress response of fight or flight . Whilst this response is useful for protection against physical dangers, it’s not likely to be useful where the perceived threat relates to something such as a driving test or a public speaking engagement other than to makes us try to avoid the situation. Anxiety can be triggered by a number of factors. A past experience that we found unpleasant or associate with uncomfortable feelings, may create anxiety about it happening again in the future. We also learn ways of responding to stresses from our parents and due to the environment we grew up in. Signs and symptoms of anxiety include for example, churning stomach, muscle tension, headaches, palpitations, sweating, heightened alertness, inability to relax and irritability. According to Mind , the mental health charity, long term anxiety is bad for health, weakening the immune system, lowering resistance to infection and increasing the risk of serious health
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