Relationship Between The And Middle School

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In middle school, the relationship I had with my grandfather was one which was unbreakable. Even though he did not live in the same state, and I had both of my parents in the home he was always there for me. We place bets with each other over sporting events, like the World Series or the NBA Final, and the loser had to pay up whenever we were together again. Because I lived in North Carolina and he lived in upstate New York, we only saw each other once or twice a year, but he made we had together the most enjoyable. When my family would make the trip to New York I could not wait to see him because we talked about the various thing we were going to do when we were finally together, things like going to restaurants, going to amusment parks, and going to the mall. As a young child, these were all things you love to do, and he would make these events family outings, so all my cousins who were around the same age would come as well. This brought our family very close. While he was alive I was played every sport, and excelled in most of them. I enjoyed golf in particular because it was a sport my grandfather never really played, making him fascinated in every aspect of the sport. Although I was a superb athlete, I was good student as well. I made honor every year and that was what made him the proudest. Of all his grandchildren, there were only a few of us who excelled in school, and he incentivized us to keep up the good work by giving us money. Needless to say, there was not a
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