Relationship Between The Child And Parent

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In the two-presented books, the main theme outlined in both texts is the theme of relationship between the child and parent. Chinua Achebe in his book, Marriage is a Private Affair developed this theme in the marriage perception outlining the conflict that occurred between a father and his son (Achebe 22). On the other hand, Alice Walker in her book, Everyday Use, developed a story of family who consist of a mother and her two daughters. One of her daughters proved to be rebellious and went against the family norms (Walker 47). This paper will outline some of the similarities and differences in the parent child relationship in these two books. The differences and similarities will be developed from the themes, settings and character traits of the characters of the specific texts. In comparing the relationship between parent and the child as evidenced in the texts, it clear that in both cases the parents and the child tend to know each other perfectly. In many situations this is naturally and as that is the first person a child interacts with. In focusing on the two texts, we find that as much as Nene tries to convince Nnaemeka to write a letter to his father telling him about their new life, he refuses since he knows his father better than Nene. He knows that it will shock his father and such news should be broken through face to face conversation. The same is also eminent with Dee’s mother; she clearly describes her two daughters, as she knows them. She outlines their
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