Relationship Between The Crc And The Optional Protocol

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1. The relationship between the CRC and the Optional Protocol is supplemental, being that the CRC is the binding/ruling international law on children’s rights and the Optional Protocol expounds and expands upon issues that the CRC did not address sufficiently. The Optional Protocol is a separate convention that expands on three issues: armed conflict, sale of children, and communication. States that choose to ratify the Optional Protocol, do so by the same methods as the CRC, thus superseding the CRC provision on that issue. Under the CRC, article 28, age fifteen was the only age that could be agreed upon for children to participate in armed conflict, therefore, that is the minimum age; however, the Optional Protocol convention stated that age fifteen was too low and decided that age eighteen should be the minimum for participation in armed conflict. The Optional Protocol on the sale of children expands on the CRC’s stance on the exploitation of children. The Optional Protocol made specific provisions on the sale of children in the sexual context such as prostitution and pornography. It outlines the measures that States should take in protecting children rom sexual exploitation. The Optional Protocol on communication is fairly new and it recognizes children’s rights to bring grievances on the violation of their rights to the committee. It also outlines ways that States and governments can help children submit their claims. 2a. Haiti reported that street children in

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