Relationship Between The Customer And The Company

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Name: Satya Ravi Teja Goluguri UMID: 47155844
Q1: Describe the following figures (9 points):


The relationship between the customer and the company is the product and the relation between the customer and outsourcing, for example, if you think about it like amazon, where you request the product from amazon, however, it comes to you using the outsourcing which is the UPS and there is agreement business relationship between the company and outsourcing. Also, when you try to call apple customer service you are calling the company, however, the real contact between you (customer) and the outsource. However, the outsourcer and the company are working on the same line.



This is the example of the flows in a typical supply chain. This is the a) supplier: they produce/design the product b) manufacturer where the manufactures the product and c) the distributor distributes the product d) retailer sells the product to thee) customer. This is the product flow and the payment is the financial flow and the information about the data and the information about everything in the supply chain are the information flows.
For the figure, the supply chain has the relationship with the customer relationship management in phases such as a) supplier b) manufacturer c) distributor d) retailer e) customer. Indeed, the supply chain information consists of the a) customer: where the customer orders service any kind of b) service: then the service center goes…
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