Relationship Between The Father And The Son

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The relationship in the middle of Gregor and his mother is similar to a typical mother-child relationship, him expecting to accommodate her and the family, her cherishing him. At the same time, when he started to go under the metamorphosis their relationship took a wide change into a delicate and distressed, the mother is torn between her adoration for Gregor and her frightfulness at Gregor’s new state. Grete and Gregor’s father seek to shield her from the full reality of her child’s transformation. She demonstrated sympathy for him later in the story, yet soon she forgot all about him, just like the rest of the family.
The relationship between the father and the son is unusual. It is certainly strained, however it is likewise complex. His father loves him, but his love appears to be difficult to discover. Despite the fact that tears inevitably came, his initial reaction to his son 's transformation is not sadness or pity, but anger. The twisted part about their relationship is that the son basically gets sick while conveying his father 's financial burden, yet the father, instead of being sympathetic, he rejects and assaults the son for becoming the "vermin" that he has become. He hurts his son, physically, and scars him. This is deeply ironic, in light of the fact that the change of the son seems to occur as a result of the work that he does on his father 's behalf. The father ought to be giving him adore, but instead detests the despicable creature he has become and wants…
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