Relationship Between The Federal Government And The States

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The relationship between the Federal government and the states is well stable. The Federal government has powers given by the Constitution as well powers or privileges are given to the states which promotes a balance between the two so that our country is not ruled under one specific party or group. The question now is that, are the states rights more than well protected in the current constitution and the political practice. The Constitution is the structure of a political system. It establishes governmental bodies, grants powers, determines how to select members and impose rules by which they make the decisions. Therefore, the Constitution can’t be changed by ordinary acts of governmental bodies. Along with the Constitution we have the Articles of Confederation. Under these Articles congress was a single house where each state had 2 to 7 members but only one vote. They selected executive judges and military officers as well as having power to make war and peace and conduct foreign affairs. The ability to have money Congress could borrow and print money, but they could not collect taxes or enforce laws, precisely it had to rely on the states to provide and enforce. Articles of Confederation was written to be a “framework for the government of the United States, it established a firm league of friendship among the states rather than a government of the people.” (book) This Virginia plan called for legislature with two houses a lower house chosen by the people of the states
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