Relationship Between The United States And The People's Republic Of China

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The relationship between the United States and the People’s Republic of China is perhaps the most important bilateral tie shaping the future of the world. China’s economy for the past 20 years has been riding a phenomenal wave of growth surging to become the world’s second largest economic power. This prospering economy has additionally generated the necessary resources for China to rapidly strengthen and modernize its military and capabilities. These additional resources and capabilities makes China a viable partner with the United States to promote security and prosperity in Asia and around the world. However, China’s relative lack of transparency and openness from its leaders regarding both military capabilities and intentions is…show more content…
According to President Obama in the 2015 National Security Strategy, the scope of our cooperation with China is unprecedented, even as we remain alert to China’s military modernization. The evolving security environment in the PACOM area of responsibility is initiating the shift of our focus and forces to the Indo-Asia-Pacific region. Over the next 5 years, nearly half of all growth outside the United States is expected to come from Asia, and as reported by Global Trends 2030, China will contribute about one-third of global growth by 2025, far more than any other country. This growth is vital to United States economic and security interests, and China’s activities in this region will likely shape much of our nation’s future; however, recent trends may prove establishing a peaceful long-term relationship challenging. Admiral Locklear stated before the House Appropriations Committee-Defense Subcommittee on PACOM Posture in March 2015 that recent statements by senior Chinese leaders, such as President Xi Jinping, suggest that China may be attempting to advance a vision for an alternative security architecture in Asia that affords Beijing increased influence in the region and diminishes the role of the United States. This is exhibited in
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