Relationship Between The West And Iran

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The relationship between the West and Iran has been notoriously rocky. Several main factors accumulating at the beginning in the 20th century have led to a perfect storm of religion, imperialism and radicalism that have come together to create the Islamic Republic of Iran that was built primarily on anti-Americanism. How did this happen and why is this republic so anti-American? The Islamic Republic is built upon a revolutionary type of anti-Americanism that can be “found among opposition groups seeking to overthrow regimes closely identified with the United States; attacking such regimes thus involves attacking the United States.” Researcher and analyst, Ray Takeyh, a Senior Fellow for Middle Eastern Studies on the Council on Foreign Relations, says Iran “persistently puzzles Westerners” with its dualities, contradictions and paradoxes. He says the West constantly gets Iran wrong because of its failure to understand Iran’s factional politics and ideology. These dualities and contradictions, for Takeyh, see Iran, in essence, as suffering from an identity crisis.
While the Persians continue to find themselves in the modern world, it is clear that Iran has been shaped and manipulated by foreign regimes in the past that has left Iran encompassed in delusion, paranoia and mistrust of the West. Adam Tarock, professor of Political Science, from the University of Melbourne, elegantly noted the pattern of Iranian foreign policy showing the dualities and inconsistencies of
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