Relationship Between The White Snow By Langston Walker

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A connection exists between the white people and the white snow. In the first line of the poem, Sargeant steps off the train, but he does not feel the cold, wet snow on his face (Hughes stanza 1). Sargeant walks through the cold snow; this represents the discomfort he is going through without noticing because of the preoccupation with the major challenge he is going through; hunger and sleep. The white people did not accept him because of his race and being unemployed which made him homeless. The nature of reception he got from the white people and the challenges which he persisted through while outside in the white snow show a close relationship between the white snow and the white people. This makes Walker's argument linking the white snow and white people viable. I say the Defeatist attitude cannot be related to Walker’s argument in her analysis because of the nature of the treatment Sargeant got. Langston Hughes merges reality and fantasy as a feature within his short story. For instance, it turns out that the Sargent was thinking of the incident where the church collapses and the remains cover the people. Ideally, the fantasy in this case, overrules presented at the beginning of the poem. Notably, the Sargeant continues to envision so many things in his mind until the awakening point comes when the white cops’ shouts at him behind bars. In addition, the strength of fantasy portrayed at the last section of the poem overshadows reality in the mind of the reader. Alliteration and consonance do appear in most of the poem. For instance, in the second paragraph, “…. big black man …. (Hughes stanza 7)” Another example is when the Sargeant got chased from the church, “…Huh! hongry…… (Hughes paragraph 8).” I think the existing consonance in the story does not bring out a link between the white snow and the church. On the contrary, the alliterations bring out the aesthetics in the story as a sound stylistic device. The Sargeant can represent Christ in relation to the context of the story. The oppression he got from the white oppressors represents Christ crucified on the church's transparent window. The hardships he goes through relates to those of Christ. On the contrary, it can be a parody. This is irrefutable

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