Relationship Between Tom And Summer

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The film (500) Days of Summer is a story about the relationship between Tom Hansen and Summer Finn. Tom and Summer met each other when they were both working at a greeting card company and their relationship began and ended within two years. Tom is best considered to be a hopeless romantic, whereas Summer does not believe in the fantasy of love. Summer’s aversion to love stems from her parent’s divorce, but it is the opposite for Tom even though his parents were divorced also. With Tom and Summer being two polar opposites from each other, it is easy to see how their relationship will already have conflict embedded within it. Although their story is not a conventional love story, Tom and Summer’s relationship that they never put a label on can be applied to various concepts of male/female communication. Tom and Summer’s relationship can be best analyzed by using John Lee’s types of love, with a focus on eros, ludus, and mania; and their relationship can also be analyzed by using dependence power theory. Tom’s primary love type is best described as eros. Eros love, according to John Lee, is the type of love that correlates with the notion “love at first sight”. Eros love is intense with a strong attraction from the very start. When Tom first sees Summer when she begins working as the new assistant, he immediately stops to stare at her and in his mind he thinks that from the moment he saw Summer, he knew she was the girl for him. As a hopeless romantic and eros
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