Relationship Between Transformational And Transformational Leadership

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The relationship and transformational theories of leadership are aligned with my personal development plan because the Multifactorial Leadership Questionnaire (MLQ) test result shown me high score on the leadership characters, which, indicate that I have charismatic and inspirational leadership qualities. Next, test scores suggestive of individualized consideration (role modelling), intellectual stimulation (assumptions & solutions), and contingent (creating opportunity). When I understood the transformational leadership theory, then I realized that, Transformational leadership is a process that modify and transforms people. It concerns with emotions, values, ethics, and long-term goals. Transformational leadership is concerned with…show more content…
Finally, doing this will provide the greatest satisfaction for the workers and ultimately, who are satisfied with their work will most likely provide excellent productivity to the organization. The Authentic Leadership Self-Assessment Questionnaire (ALSAQ) result shows that I have a high authentic total score along with high scores on self-awareness, an internalized moral perspective, which evocative and providing meaning, challenge, taking responsibility. The balanced processing, and relational transparency, which indicates I value the equality and morality. All these features indicate authentic leadership is a complex process. If we look at the terminology defined by the books on authentic leadership. They wrote it is a complex as well as an interpersonal relational process based on many factors which nurtures its development. If we study the authentic leadership characters like passion, compassion, consistency and connectness with followers. Which shows authentic leadership as a process centered on the interactions between leaders and followers. ALSAQ result tells me that I have an authentic leadership behavior. I like authentic leadership from Martin Luther King Jr. because a sense of right and wrong being his guiding factor. Authentic leaders listen to the inner conscience to guide them in decision making and taking a stand on controversial issues. In this way,
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