Relationship Between Two Scale Variables

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As stated by Mirabella (2011, p. 7-1), “When we want to evaluate the relationship between two scale variables, we turn to Correlation.” Furthermore, when we measure correlation, we are determining how likely the two variables are associated (Mirabella, 2011). Even more importantly, we must know that correlation does not equal causation (Mirabella, 2011). Therefore, “The key is that there is correlation and not causation” (Mirabella, 2011, p.7-1). The objective of a correlation analysis is to detect whether two variables have a relationship, and to assess the strength of the relationship between the variables.
Here we want to determine and test if there’s a correlation between the BS GPA and the MBA GPA and whether or not your performance in undergrad will predict your overall success and performance in your graduate level studies.

In addition, when dealing with correlation, we want to determine and ensure that we have a strong positive correlation. Therefore, correlation must be measured by the correlation coefficient. Mirabella (2011, p. 7-2) indicates, “The correlation coefficient can range in value from -1 for a perfect negative correlation to +1 for a perfect positive correlation.” When we have a positive correlation we will see that as one variable increases the other variable will increase as well versus a negative correlation indicates when one variable increase the other variable will decrease. Therefore, when determining the degree of correlation if…
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