Relationship Between Tybalt And Juliet Diary

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Diary 3 Dear diary I have been banished from the town and i am not certain if i will be able to see juliet ever again. I never thought i would have been the one to kill Tybalt. Benovolio tried explaining the situation to the prince. Stating that it started by me trying to keep the peace but things became overwhelming and hatred had taken over me. Lady Capulet was demanding that i be killed. The prince chose to banish me instead. It was told that if i was ever found in the city again that i would be taken away and killed immediately. “O i am a fortunes fool” act 3 scene 1. The town banishing me is far worse of a punishment than death. I dont know how i will be able to live without juliet. I have snuck back to visit juliet by sneaking into

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