Relationship Between United States And Cuba

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Trade Between U.S. and Cuba Zoe McDowell Randolph Community College Since 1961, the United States and Cuba have had no relations with one another, and have used Switzerland as a mediator for the two countries to communicate (Suddath, 2009). This is beginning to change; the U.S and Cuba did business and trade together long ago, but when the U.S. found that Cuba allowed the Soviet Union to build missile bases in Cuba, along with other things leading up to this down-fall, all business between the U.S and Cuba came to a halt. On April 13, 2009, President Barak Obama announced that the United States would lift all restrictions and begin to trade and do business with Cuba, again (Suddath, 2009). Cuba’s current…show more content…
The technology is Cuba ass limited because the government only allows certain officials to have access to Internet and certain technological equipment. They would only allow some state workers, artists, and some academics to have Internet access (Silva, 2015). When Obama announced that relations with Cuba would be possible again, the Cuban citizens were hopeful that their access to better and more advances technology would be possible, as well (Silva, 2015). In Cuba, online access will cost about five dollars an hour, which is more than what most Cuban citizens make in one week (Silva, 2015). In more recent years, Cubans have started to use more advanced technology and equipment such as, smart phones, laptops, Blackberry handsets, and some Android devices. The advancements in Cuba are far behind the United States because many of the technological advances that we have in the United States are very simple to retrieve; in Cuba, they are harder. Trade and doing business with Cuba could cause legal issues due to the issues that they may have with certain products, due to their culture and government rulings. Since the government in Cuba is Communist, most of the decisions are made by the government. Culture plays a big role in the products that people use in other countries, and this could cause future issues with doing business in Cuba for the U.S. In conclusion, the United States is far more advanced with technology and many other
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