Relationship Between Vocabulary And Reading Comprehension

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Research conducted by the National Reading Panel shows that there is a relationship between vocabulary and reading comprehension. The relationship between vocabulary and reading comprehension prompted researchers to recommend educators to identify students in the early grades with low language and vocabulary, and to intervene as soon as possible to prevent later reading comprehension difficulties. Once educators are awareness of the students that have low language and vocabulary, interventions should be implemented to target vocabulary development (p.308).
A strategy identified to build vocabulary is read alouds. A read aloud is an oral reading done by the teacher that builds background knowledge, vocabulary and comprehension. Research shows that although read alouds enhance vocabulary it does not close the vocabulary gap. It is suggested that the addition of extended instruction in the form of a small group could close the vocabulary gap. The purpose of this study is to examine the relationship between small-group instruction and vocabulary development and reading comprehension. The author hypothesizes that students with low vocabulary and comprehension skills will improve from extended small-group instruction (p.309).

The study included 106 first graders from 18 classrooms in nine Title I schools in the Pacific Northwest. Fifty-four students were in the experiment group and received small-group instruction, and fifty-two students were in the control group.
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