Relationship Between Wildlife And Wildlife

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In areas of the world where economic development has been in delicate balance with protecting wildlife and natural environments, conflict has arisen between humans and the wildlife. In Africa (bless the rains) and Asia habitat is being replaced by small scale agricultural needs, and agribusiness (1) resulting in human–wildlife conflict; within India alone as many as 1144 people were killed between April 2014 and May 2017 (2) according to their environment ministry. This increased conflict between species has had detrimental impacts on conservation efforts, such as with the Asian elephant.

Elephants have seen incredible habitat loss due to human encroachment, now with about 20% of the world’s human population living in or near the present range of them (4). As a result of this the interactions between the two have become tense. Cases have been documented of them “crop raiding” (3) and in parts of Sumatra it can be the most significant source of park-people conflict. (3) As these crops can be a large part of local people’s livelihoods, ensuring as little wildlife ruins them as possible is essential. However a study conducted showed that elephants raided crops year round at a rate of 0.53 a day in their study area, and (3) such regular interactions resulted in 24 deaths within the study area over a 12 year period. With their loss of habitat comes a loss of food and resources, coupled with the fact that human settlements will have a regular supply of food, it only makes sense
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