Relationship Between Working And Middle Class

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My family has for the most part straddled the line between working and middle class. While most of my family members moved up in their careers as time went by, tragedies have struck (such as my grandfather’s early demise) that sent them tumbling down and the occasional triumph or stroke of luck has improved their financial situation and allowed them to bounce back. Of course money isn’t the only thing that has helped or hindered my family; their skin color has allowed them to maintain a place of privilege in society. I have only ever experienced the good life that my parents have been able to afford for themselves, but from working retail for over a decade I have been able to see how other people live and how hard it can be to make ends meet when that job is not just something you do while you’re in college. With the exception of my maternal great grandparents my family has come from relatively humble beginnings. All of them in some way participated in the world war two, with three of them being actively involved in combat. They were farmers, truckers, railway workers, teachers, and caretakers; never making a fortune for themselves, but encouraging their children to find work that made more than they did. There is the exception of my great grandfather, who was involved in both world wars and was given large parcels of land and a hefty pension from the French government. My grandmother’s life would likely have been very different if her brother had not gambled away most of
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