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Relationship Education at the Secondary Level The process of education begins from the day we are born until the day we pass on from this earth. When in this evolution and sophistication of education, however, are we taught to think for ourselves and develop our own ideas about the world? Although we are nurtured to make life decisions on a daily basis, the relationship between the college, university, and society is where core competencies are molded to help drive us toward the desired professional roads to be taken. At the very onset of entering college, teachers and professors teach us how to think in logical ways for ourselves, rather than automatically follow the required scripted lessons to be learned. We are taught to find…show more content…
Not all life-situations are written in books; rather they may become new experiences that need to be handled with educated minds and logical assessments. Gifted and motivating teachers are instrumental in relationship education and serve as guiding lights to help students determine the right fit amongst the possibilities for future jobs. Teachers prepare students to become the next competent doctors, lawyers, social workers, politicians, computer technicians, artisans, and anything else we aspire to achieve in society. Teachers inspire as well as transfer knowledge. Their passion and emotional attachment to the subject matter makes a considerable difference in the quality and level of learning on the part of the students. Educators also have a severe impact on us at an emotional level. John Spayde wrote, People cannot learn what they do not love.(62) If given a professor that is very abrupt and has a bad attitude, then that will significantly impact your thoughts about the profession that the professor is teaching. An excellent poem by Gwendolyn Brooks We Real Cool, talks about the trouble these pool players get into since they dropped out of school. They drink, fight, swear, and before they know it they die soon.(133) Spayde also says that if we change the notion that learning is time consuming,(Spayde 62) we as a society would be much more productive. Grabow 3 Knowledge is also acquired and passed on in
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