Relationship Marketing

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Definition trust: Confidence in the exchange partners reliability and integrity (morgan and hunt 1994) Two level of trust: young 2006 1 cognitive, calculative, and rational 2 emotional reasoning Trust may: (efek dr kepercayann) -reduce harmful conflict -decrease transactional cost (biaya nego) -promote adaptive organizational forms (network relationship) -facilitate the rapid info of ad hoc work groups -promote effective response to a crisis Trusting situation: A. Probity: focuses on honesty and integrity, for professional understanding and reputation B. equity: fair mindedness, benevolence, caring, values, and sincerity as evidence C. Reliability: firm having the required expertise to perform its business effectively…show more content…
Insurance company may not make a profit or service for one or more years into the lifetime of the contract. -upfront supply of equipment: equipment and supply hired for long term where is written in a lifetime contract (cust retention) -advertising and other communication expenditure: cost for adv to promote and create brand awareness (cust acquisition) High front end cost industry: perusahaan yang butuh buat kluarin biaya acquisition front end cost buat mencapai cust retention. Contohnya prusahaan kartu kredit, harus kluar biaya data collection terus buat dapetin data calon pemegang kartu kredit, harus lluar duit buat sewa saleerson terus buat jadi calo kartu kredit, harus meluar baya komisi buat sales terus, Low front end cost industry: perusahaan yg gak kluar banyak biaya acquisition font end cost buat mencapai cust retention. Contoh perusahaan fmcg, gak butuh kluarin biaya buat ngumpulin data ttg cust atau sales, mreka gak pake sales. Mreka cuma butuh biaya advertisinga buat promossin produk mreka, dan supaya orang tau ttg produk mreka. Service paradox: paradoxical effect where a product failure ultimately results in increased customer satisfaction, producing a level of satisfaction even greater than that expected with no product failure. an effective service recovery plan, companies can improve satisfaction, increase loyalty, and build a positive, lasting
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