Relationship Marketing: The Difference Between RM And Traditional Marketing

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Marketing is the process of in, which a company presents its good and services to the customer by applying the four elements of marketing process as following: 1- Product: that’s achieved by selection, identification and development of the product or service. 2- Price: determining the right price in which the customers are welling to pay for it. 3- Place: identification of the geographical location and the appropriate distribution channels to reach the customers. 4- Promotion: the methods used to bring the customer attention to the product such as advertisements, fliers, broachers and other methods. Since apple products are the hot topic of the century and the great growth they have achieved in their products. We can explain the…show more content…
Prior to setting examples we have to understand the difference between RM and Traditional Marketing. Where the Traditional Marketing set focus on sales of one time, and focus more on product or service that has generated the highest revenue to the company. While Relationship Marketing values the long-term relation with the customers to insure repeated business from the same customer and insure a sustainable stream of revenue to the company. Traditional Marketing looks in creating new customers but one time customers which exhaust the company resources in running huge expensive campaigns to keep attracting buyers in order to generate revenue. While Relationship Marketing insure that the same customer is repeatedly buying the company products and generating revenue to the company on a sustainable base, however, the Relationship Marketing does not explore any new customers which can affect the growth of the company on the long term. Best is advised is that any company have to structure its marketing on both Traditional Marketing to attract new customers and then the new customers are handled by Relation Marketing to keep them the loop of continuously buying company products which supports the company financial and growth

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