Relationship Of Project For Business Operations

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Relationship of project to strategy of the business

Surrena Hooks

MSL 5080-13D-3B15-S1, Methods of Analysis for Business Operations
February 17, 2015

The aim of this research papers is to illustrate a linkage between project strategies to the overall strategy of the business. Unfortunately, there has been limited research, frameworks and matrixes performed in this area to be used for any concrete decision making. Currently, organizations do not comprehend the risks they are taking by not linking their project strategy and management strategy with organizational goals. Further, the way an organization perceive the project’s strategy and management effects the overall execution. Thus, this paper sheds light on two main problematic areas which are; projects should either be fully aligned with the organizational goal that aids in creating synergy or it should be totally separate from the organizational strategy. When projects are not explicitly characterized in these two situations it often creates grey areas.

There are numerous components that can lead to the success or failure of a project which include schedule planning, resource planning, and funding availability for projects. Extensive work has been performed on the business strategy and project (Turner 1999, Levin 2005), but the development of the linkage is still relatively low. The actual impact from the study was not evident. However, it has been suggested that if an…
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