Relationship Portrayal Of Television : Displaying Maintenance Behaviors

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Relationship Portrayals on Television: Displaying Maintenance Behaviors Love is considered the ultimate achievement and dream of society, in ways that it represents the essence of what makes humanity. Popular culture such as television shows, movies, music, and art cannot express this need in human nature enough. Representations of romantic relationships across mediums such as television is almost inevitable to come across because it is deeply embedded within our humanistic nature to need and want an intimate relationship. According to Hetsroni’s (2012) journal article about television’s influence on various love styles, 94% of American teenagers retrieve their information and preconceptions about dating, romance, and love from watching television, while only 17% got advice from their fathers and 33% from their mothers (p. 39). Hetsroni argues that only a few of these studies have attempted to measure the actual effects on viewer’s romantic relationships. One reasons how distorted conceptions of relationships are conceived from television might have something to do with relationship maintenance behaviors, which are crucial in interpersonal relationships, most importantly in romantic ones. Psychological studies have been conducted to prove the influence of televisions as a use of behavioral guides about relationship matters, even producing two possible theories that have relevance to television influence; the cultivation theory (Gerbner, 1966) and social cognitive theory
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