Relationship Status Based On Social Sites

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Kayla Vallin
Mr. Blair
English 121
22 October, 2015 Relationship Status based on Social Sites(1027)
We live in the era of technology and many people say that in a sense social networking has become their life line to the world. Social networking is a way for people from anywhere in the world to be involved in someone 's life even from a distance. Social networking has redefined the way people interact with one another (Guo 617). Many of the social networking sites allow people to communicate what 's going on in their life through pictures and from there other people can comment on the post. In today 's world someone can be connected with the touch of a button. While social networking has affected and strained some relationships it has also had a positive impact on many other relationships.
Expanding one 's dating pool and meeting other people outside their community is one benefit social networking has to offer its users. Before social networking sites came along millions of adults in the united states were single, of theses adults they were limited to the amount of possible partners they could interact with due to location (Thomas and Rosenfeld 523). Since the introduction of social networking sites many relationships have flourished because people are no longer limited to who they can meet. Now that the dating pool has expanded when couples meet on opposite sides of the world they are still able to interact with one another through social networking sites. They are able…
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