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Relationship Visual Aids Donald N. Fink HSN/544 July 27, 2015 Kevin Hite Relationship Visual Aids An education process is more complex than talking to someone, telling them what you want them to learn about or learn how to do, and them knowing it or doing it. The purpose of education is to teach the learner a specific task, or specific information. An education plan consists of specific components. The components are simple or complex and each component leads to the next. When all the components are included, the teacher and the learner will have a successful educational experience. Purpose The purpose or mission of the education is based upon the mission of the organization or institution in which the education is taking…show more content…
The educator will then build his goals based on the student’s performance, skills, and behavior. Next, the educator will develop goals based on the education material being taught. What will the student be learning about? Objectives The objectives of the education are statements about the purpose of the education. These are brief statements answering specific questions. The ABCD model for writing objectives will assist the educator in creating objectives for the education. The ABCD of writing objectives is described as: “the audience (A), the behavior (B), the conditions (C), and the degree (D)” (Yamanaka, & Woo, 2014, p. 77). The objectives give clear statements regarding who will be learning, what they will learn, how they will complete the task, and how many times they need to complete the task to be considered proficient. How to Write Objectives The instructor needs to make the objective an observable behavior and an object of that behavior. For example, the student will be able to do an IV is unclear. The better objective would be, the student will be able to insert an IV lock into the patient’s extremity and start IV fluids into the IV lock. When an objective is vague, the learners can interpret it in many different ways. Outcomes The outcomes of the education are consistently demonstrated at the conclusion of the education. The learning outcome is what the learner knows and is able to complete
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