Relationship With Customer And Client

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Establish Relationship with customer/client: When customers come to place an order, they are either directed to the marketing classroom or someone is called to the school office to meet with them. When in the classroom, the customers see first hand how the product is made. They see students diligently weeding vinyl, pressing articles of clothing, and laying banners out. This is interesting to the customer because they like to see how their product is made. This also endears them to the marketing program as a whole because they see the students who benefit from their purchases. When a student is sent to the office to meet with the customers, they make the initial connection. This is when the students probes for information about the…show more content…
If the product was not a custom order and the customer decided that they do not like their order, they may return the product, as long as it has not been worn. We do not give refunds, but we will give credit towards a new product of their choosing. An example of our return policy is when a customer comes back with a shirt that has vinyl lettering coming off, we will fix the shirt since the vinyl coming off is an indicator that we did not press the shirt long enough. We would apologize for this error and offer the customer a discount on a future order. Process sales documentation: At the conclusion of order, an invoice is generated in the marketing classroom. Customers then pay our bookkeeper who in turn, gives a receipt to customers and invoices to the marketing program. The invoices is then put on file and used to gather data, such as how much standard inventory to buy. Students learn how to file invoices, with advisors keeping a close watch to make sure it’s done correctly. Many hands make light work and so the invoices are efficiently filed and then the data can be combined quicker as well. Determine customer/client needs: We have a standard form for customers to fill out to order garments. This form is emailed to all schools within our district so it is readily accessible to all students and parents. School district secretaries collect standard orders and forward them to us. This form
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