Relationship Within A Small Group

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Throughout this course, we talked about how groups collaborate and the need to establish relationships with those groups. We may long to participate in the perfect group where conflict helps facilitate the team to improve a process or solve and ongoing problem. We may wish that all team members actively participate and share ideas in a non-threating creative environment. However, one rarely, if ever will have an opportunity to work in such a picture-perfect group. This paper explores the relationship within a small group, tasked with completing a thirty-minute presentation on creativity. Examined in detail, functional theory, group competencies, task roles and maintenance roles, and leadership as it related to the outcome of the group’s presentation.
Review of Group Communication
Functional Theory Based on the studies by Dennis Gouran and Randy Hirokawa, “the researchers suggest that effective group problem solving and decision making are most likely to occur when group members attempt to satisfy task requirements” (Beebe & Masterson, 2015, p. 47). The functional approach to small group communication is concerned with the results or outcomes of behaviors and structures. Communication helps team members by encouraging rational assessments and analytical thinking, as well as stopping team members from faulty or flawed decision-making and problem solving (McGraw Hill, 2016). This theory helps group members overcome constraints such as stress from deadlines, the team project…
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