Relationship between Cuba and the United States

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More than fifty years after the Cuban Missile Crisis, Cuba is still a ruthless nation. Cuba has tried to become a peaceful nation. Cuba has resources that are very effective in the rise of a country. Countries like the United States don’t want to trade with Cuba after the conflict. However, this is just a hypothesis. Both countries have been at each other since Fidel Castro came into power in 1959. Castro began a revolution and overthrew Fulgencio Bastista, who was the president of Cuba at the time. Cuba became a Communist country under the rule of Castro. He started making deals with Russia, the mother country of Russia. Not only that, he started to increase taxes on American imports. The government made the decision to ban any form of export to Cuba. President John F. Kennedy made it into an embargo that made restrictions on traveling. The United States wanted to overthrow the government which angered Cuba. In response, they allowed the Soviet Union to build a missile base. The United States found out these plans and made a demand to destroy the base for good. This resulted in the Cuban Missile Crisis. The Crisis ended with an agreement. The agreement was that Cuba will destroy the base if the United States doesn’t invade their country. Cuba lost about 1.126 Trillion dollars all because of trade restrictions. This embargo has affected Cuba dramatically. Raul Castro, the brother of Fiedel Castro, wrote a speech in 1996. His speech included the economic was failing. The
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