Relationship between Healthcare and Information Technology

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Introduction Like any other industry, healthcare industry also uses information technology for better communication and efficiency. The purpose of including technology in clinical nursing is to provide better facilities to patients, which is cost effective. Medical Health Institute surveys regarding the usage of EHR in Canada and USA, indicate that information technology is primarily used by nurses and physicians to improve workflow efficiency, quicken clinical processes, and improve patient care. The major hindrance in implementing such infrastructure is the lack of appropriate resources and finances. In addition to this, confidentiality and security of data also hinders the implementation (Hegney et al, 2007). If information technology is used, medical errors can be decreased, thus, saving patients' lives. In 2001, Tallaght Hospital situated in Ireland, noted more than 400 errors (O'Farrell, 2002). O'Farrell (2002) also reported in the same year that 11000 deaths occurred in Britain due to errors found in drug administration (more than 10,000 errors). Nevertheless, nursing satisfaction was found to have increased in USA hospital as medication administration errors decreased in those nursing units that were using barcode reading (Anderson and Wittwer 2004). Similarly, introduction of information technology in Australian hospitals have shown positive results, such as less disabilities and deaths. It has been estimated that approximately more than $800 million dollars
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