Relationship between Mankind and Our Ecosystems

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As a species we have far suppressed our predators and we have increased in population. We have dominated many of our ecosystems that have been destroyed and severely damaged by mankind. This has lead to societies that have struggled for subsistence. Here in the United States the per capita rate of use is the highest in the world. (M. Kaufmann, R. Graham, D. Boyce, W. Moir, L. Perry, R. Reynolds, R. Bassett, P. Mehlhop, C. Edminster, W. Block, and P. Corn April 4, 2014). It is important for us to recognize that the human interest in ecosystems be observed, even if it requires altering certain human progress to stop within bounds with the physical and biological abilities of an ecosystem. Our thinking today about renewable energy has been fed to us by poor thoughts and misinterpitation of our recent history. An era of industrialization during the nineteenth century was dominated by coal later turning to oil or any other type of natural power. One of the final factors in not switching to renewable energy as fast as we would like to see is the economics for large corporation and nations to stop using fossil fuels. This would be devastating to their investments. America is not ready for that. Even though America and the rest of the world are still quiet dependent on fossil fuels the need for alternative energy is out there. Windmills from the days of old…
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