Relationship between Physical Activity and Depression

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I hope to use this literature to help shape and develop my study and research in hopes to get the same results if not better. I hope to be able to create ways to maybe even fix bugs that are in this study and completely form a more perfect study with information that will help strengthen the argument of sports and their relationship with depression. Physical activity everyone does it from walking to classes to walking to the refrigerator it is performed by all in one way or the other. However could there be a relationship between mental health and someone’s will to do physical activity in their lives? Yes, there are relationship studies that have been performed to see whether or not there has been a relationship and many studies have found that there is a relationship between the two. One article that speaks about a study like this is “Mental Well-Being and Sport-Related Identities in College Students.” This particular study was used to examine relationships among several dimensions of athletic involvement, gender, and depression and suicidal behavior in a sample of 791 undergraduate students.Invalid source specified. This article was published in June 2009 so it’s current yet there has been new studies on this topic since then. This study was conducted by two professors at the University of Buffalo, Research Institute on Addictions in Buffalo, NY by the names of Kathleen E. Miller and Joseph H. Hoffman. In this study the author investigates the several dimensions of
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