Relationship between Two Sisters in "A Pair of Tickets" by Amy Tan

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People who say that home is where the heart is are absolutely right when it comes to the story of Jing-Mei in Amy Tan’s A Pair of Tickets. This unique story provides a look into the mind of a young girl who meets her long lost relatives for the first time and the connection she feels with them as well as with her surroundings. This story is a great parallel to the connection that can be shared in a family even across long distances. Amy Tan is a brilliant author and has mastered the use of literary techniques such as backstory, multiple settings, conflict to further the plot, convey culture, the possessions that are on each carrying and relationship between the two sisters. Unlike one’s typical narrative, the plot line of A Pair of Tickets does not follow in a straight line but rather is entirely based on a backstory that the reader gradually becomes aware of throughout the story. The story begins at a train stop in China where the main character has come to unite with her long lost twin half sisters. The reader does not know why however until a little bit later in the story when Tan reveals the backstory as to why she is just now meeting her twin sisters, why they were separated, and the history behind their mother. All of this information is key to the story as a whole but is only revealed gradually. The use of backstory in A Pair of Tickets by Amy Tan is a sign not only of a well thought out story but also a tribute to the superb writing ability of a great author.

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