Relationships Affected By Media

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The media The media can come in many forms. From social media, magazines to Television. Although there are fundamental differences the core purpose of all media is communication. Whether it be to inform, entertain or advertise. Communication Communication comes in many forms as well. For example: written or spoken communication. These all involve the the exchange of information through different medias. In order for communication to be carried our correctly, understanding must be accomplished which in turn effects your relationships. Relationships Relationships refer to interaction between yourself and other people. There are many types of relationships. For example: Casual, filial and romantic relationships. The following…show more content…
Some magazines however do provide us information in order help us understand our partner based on gender and age. Reading the newspaper, or watching CNN makes people base most of what they think they “know” about people on accounts made by other people. For instance: Watching a business story explaining the WhatsApp deal. The reporter will explain the outcome of the deal and show press conferences with all the major stakeholders. Afterwards, there will be an in depth analysis by “experts” who describe how such deal could take place. People take this “advice” and use it in the real world to communicate and forge deals of their own. However, people thus do not base their decisions they make in relationships on experience but rather what they see on TV News Channels sometimes censored by a government. Relationships in business should be based on integrity and respect. Not on self gain and “get rich fast” as most news media propose. News agencies are able to indoctrinate us into what they call “correct” business relationship values. With news media being able to influence people so easily they also have the ability to eradicate social and moral evils from a society, such as: Racism. In which they get people to understand each other and force good values and beliefs like acceptance and equality. Music media is one of most prevalent (after Television) in an adolescent’s life. Later on, after development a person will chose to like
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