Differences In A Long Distance Relationship And The Military

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Relationships are all about love, happiness, and support. It is also a way of taking the time to know your significant other in ways that are personal and different than any other type of relationship that you can have. Being in a military relationship is different than other relationships, the struggles and not to mention the distance that is faced while being in one. Waiting for calls, having a time difference and wanting to be held during any bad times can get frustrating and difficult at times, but just knowing that one day you’ll stay and grow old together can be the strength that can pull you through your weaknesses. Those who are within a long distance relationship are familiar with about the hardships that are faced. Though the only difference between being in a long distance relationship and a military long distance relationship are the struggles of being in one where you don 't know when the next time you’ll be able to see your other or even their be time to contact, even just if you’ll be able to speak to them. “There are struggles here and there. Some things are taken the wrong way if you 're texting them,like there are instances where I am just asking him a simple question because I 'm curious and he thinks I 'm mad. I 'd say that the biggest struggle is finding a time when he isn 't busy and I 'm not busy to just sit down and focus on each other. There is a two hour time difference, so it makes it tough at times, but I just keep in mind that some
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