Relationships Between Employees And Employers

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1. The main points of chapter five are relationships between employees and employers are very important to a company. It is important for the company to build loyalty, trust, and long-term relationships to motivate employees to perform their best. Training and development can be used not just for new employees, but also on current employees. This allows current employees to prepare themselves for new roles and responsibilities. From this employees will learn new responsibilities and feel motivated to produce more. Also, this will promote teamwork within the company by building upon relationships and coming up with creative ways to produce products. The main ideas for chapter six are that the world of Human Resouces is changing. The human resource department needs to come up with new ways to retain employees and that each company is different with their needs and wants. There are many areas a professional could specialize in such as training and development. Which this person specializes in staffing, performance management, learning, and development. On the other hand, a person could specialize in operations. This person will specialize in health care and pensions, HR information technology, policies, or contract services. It is important for employees to learn from experiences many learn more when he or she is put into a situation. Having employees go through different situations will help Human Resources understand his or her abilities and skills to be able to achieve the
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