Relationships Between Mothers and Daughters in Tan's The Joy Luck Club

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Relationships Between Mothers and Daughters in Tan's The Joy Luck Club “Now the woman was old. And she had a daughter who grew up speaking only English and swallowing more Coca-Cola than sorrow. For a long time now the woman had wanted to give her daughter the single swan feather and tell her, “This feather may look worthless, but it comes from afar and carries with it all my good intentions.” And she waited, year after year, for the day she could tell her daughter this in perfect American English (Tan 3).” The American culture focuses more on the individual. Typical Americans always want to be independent. Traditionally, they never appreciate anything that they have, are selfish, and ignorant to other cultures. On the other…show more content…
As a young girl, her mother betrothed Lindo to a boy younger than her. Before Lindo left to live with her soon to be husband, Tyan-yu, and his family, her mother made her promise to be a good wife. In this time period, according to Chinese beliefs, you were a bad wife if your husband left you. Even though Lindo was not happy, nor in love, she stayed in her marriage to Tyan-yu. She stayed in the marriage only because she honored and obeyed her parents, and she did not want them to lose face. Lindo promised herself that she would never forget her true identity. “That was the day I was a young girl with my face under a red marriage scarf. I promised not to forget myself (Tan 63).” Lindo had secretly blown out the Tyan-yu’s end of the tradition marriage red candle that determined if a relationship was going to be doomed. Months later, Lindo had not bore any children for Tyan-yu because they weren’t having sex. After Huang Taitai, Tyan-yu’s mother, took away all Lindo’s jewelry because she hadn’t bore any children, she realized her true worth again. Lindo woke up one morning ranting and raving about how the ancestors said her and Tyan-yu’s relationship was doomed. She said they told her that the wind
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